Toke raises a kilo of questions:

What was Mommy stashing in that big black purse?

Why was her smile so vague?

And what was in those brownies?

At last, the real story behind the Betty Crocker generation. Follow the fall and rise of Weedee, the hapless All-American girl as she crashes through the Tupperware Wall to become the

self-proclaimed “face of marijuana” and Counter-Culture activist. Weedee’s wild ride leaves husband and lovers, male and female, in the dust. From her sneaky sorority tokes to German

anarchist collective bong fests, from kosher households to swinger parties, she fails again and again to choose the straight and narrow.

TOKE confronts the “family values” side of America and makes the case for embracing Weedee, the black sheep with the heart of gold…the Auntie Mame of marijuana…the woman with the courage

to admit – and celebrate – what others have suppressed: “Yes, I did inhale.” And to top it off, it’s based on a true story and inspired by the writings of the late Jack Herer, the

internationally celebrated “Father of the Hemp Movement.”